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video performance, HD video, colour, sound, 17 min.
In collaboration with Moritz Metzner

The third episode in a series of live site-specific performative film journeys is based on interviews with Greek artists we met on the road to Athens. As outsiders, we attempt to visualize the process of getting to know and examining the yet unknown and complex reality of the post-crisis Athens and Greece. Never having seen Athens before, we get to know it blindly through the eyes of the locals we talked to, through their experiences and memories.

Recomposing their biographical stories related to Athens, we turn them into a dialogical collective fictional biography with contradictory facts and eventual common points. The hazy bits of information and images gathered through these talks serve as a basis for a double interview we conduct with each other, with the surroundings of the venue in the Votanikos neighbourhood as its background. By doing so, we try to imagine the lives of our interlocutors, get closer to their experiences and walk in their shoes, creating an improvised homage to Athens and its people.


Whereas the first two episodes of the series focus on our personal stories, reflected through the cities of Besancon and Berlin, as well as film culture, this time we interviewed other people from Greece and used documentary, site-specific and sociological approach. Each episode is shot as an unrehearsed live performance, with one take and no post-production, except for subtitles.

Part of the NETTING THE WORK project cycle curated by Eva Giannakopoulou and Rilène Markopoulou.

Performed @ Beton 7 in Athens, Greece


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