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social experiment, video performance, multi-channel video installation

Searching for what Foucault calles heterotopian sites and places, we conduct an artistic-social experiment with a group of collaborators and co-authors. It takes the form of a multi-media film performance and it exists as a documentary film, as well as a five-channel video installation.

We play film.

Being a game, our film is neither a documentary, nor fiction film. It follows the rules of a game, which we designed together beforehand. These rules are explicitly set in a way that they lend our actions and performances certain dramaturgy, humour, suspense and visual power. But we are not shooting a movie – we consciously provoke it into existance by the means of the unconscious. This way we try over and over again to abandon all of what we can control.

With this method, which we call Heterotopian Game, we hope to visualize current social processes and in turn aim to contribute to overcoming current political, social and invidiual crises.

Players & co-authors:
Moritz Metzner, Cassidy Corbine, Markus Becker, Johannes Buch, Tatiana Ilichenko, Eva-Lotte Lisander, Sebastien Thieme


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