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performance film, colour, sound, 10 min.

In collaboration with Maria Nikiforaki

Part of Learning from Documenta, a visual anthropology conference, workshop and exhibition on documenta 14, Athens 2017

The Raw and the Cooked is a performance film in collaboration with Maria Nikiforaki, created within the context of “Learning from Documenta” Visual Anthropology Conference and Workshop which took place in Athens, October 2017.

Me and Maria Nikiforaki (visual artist) are being interviewed by Chris Wright (visual anthropologist, lecturer at Goldsmith College).

Chris Wright is directing our emotional expressions by throwing single words and vowels at us related to heavily charged anthropological studies as well as personal experience. A camera is recording me and Maria responding non-verbally.

*The Raw and the Cooked” is a title borrowed from the book by Claude Lévi-Strauss (1964).


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