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2018-present  Practice-based artistic PhD in Fine Arts, Bauhaus-University Weimar (DE)

2016-2018      Berlin University of the Arts (UdK), Guest Student (Class Prof. Hito Steyerl)

2014               MA Art in Context / Berlin University of the Arts (DE)

2009               Bard College Berlin (European College of Liberal Arts) (DE/USA)

2009               Diploma Film / Russian National Film University VGIK, Moscow (RU)

Extensive training in contemporary dance, performance and physical theater



2022   Practicing Futures While Grieving, performance program, Klosterruine Berlin (DE)

          Tanzkongress’22 – Sharing Potentials, an event by the Kulturstiftung des Bundes in cooperation with Staatstheater Mainz: Hybrid performance/installation ‘Temple of Care / foster shell with stray gods’, Mainz (DE)

          Kabaraoke queer performance art event, Silver Future, Berlin

2021  Lost&Shared: Approaches to Collective Mourning Towards Transformative   Politics, One Minute Space, Athens (GR)         

          As an Act of Love: Disabilities and Crip Culture, PremArts, Berlin (DE)

          Art and Resilience, PremArts, Berlin (DE)

2020   Snapshots on Queer Family-Making (solo show), Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival, Communitism, Athens (GR)

2019  Empowe/AR – art and performance festival curated by Sanni Est, Flutgraben, Berlin (DE)

          Delegated mourning and storytellng, PAF (FR)

2018  Queering Commons, AMOQA / Athens Museum of Queer Arts, Athens (GR)

          Gynaikopaida, performance program on queer kinship, TWIXTlab, Athens (GR)

2017  Farocki Now: A Temporary Academy, silent green Kulturquartier, Berlin (DE)

          Learning From Documenta, Polytechneio, Athens (GR)

          Hairy Goddess Misstory, collaborative performance, Lettretage, Berlin (DE)

2016  Athens Biennale 5to6 Omonia, Synapse 2 and 3, Athens (GR)

          Ernst im Ersten, Theater.doc, Moscow (RU)

2015  According to Marty McFly 2015 is the Future – João Cocteau, Berlin (DE)

          Visions-V_Ideas, Performaces – Beton 7, Athens (GR)

          Netting the Work – Month of Performance Art-Berlin, Zentrum für Kultur und Urbanistik (ZK/U), Berlin (DE)

          Excentricités Performance Art Festival – Musée des Beaux Arts, Besançon (FR)

2014  Critical Wounds (Grief and self-injury as a means of protest) – Altes Finanzamt, Berlin (DE)

          Unantastbar! Touch and bodily interaction – collaborative project by artists with and without handicap, Berlin (DE)

2013  Violating Democracy. Political and artistic approaches to state oppression – Aman, Berlin (DE)

           ‘To the friend who didn’t save my life’ / CH – Lange Nacht der Bilder, HB55, Berlin (DE)

           Sheipur –  UdK Berlin (DE)

2009   Cinephilia, Passion and Media – International VGIK Festival, Moscow (RU)



2022   ausland - territory for arts and collateral damage, Berlin (DE)

2022   Dis-Tanz-Solo grant

2019-2021 Rosa Luxemburg Foundation scholarship for PhD in Fine Arts

2018   Criss-Cross – artist on artist convergences performance residency, Athens School of Fine Arts, Hydra (GR)

2017   CON_TEXT performance residency, Lettretage, Berlin (DE)

2009   Bard College Berlin (European College of Liberal Arts), scholarship for an artistic research project

2009   Film studies magazine Cinematic Proceedings (RU) – Prize for the best film diploma project



2022   11. European Feminist Research Conference, Milan (IT)



2018-present Surrounded by Sunsets – film direction, cinematography

2016   Same Time Tomorrow, Athens Biennale 5to6 Omonia

2016   Khodorkovsky’s New Freedom (BR/WDR – Saxonia Entertainment GmbH), assistant director, producer, cinematographer

2016   Critical Wounds  – film direction, performance

2015   Digital Dissidents (WDR – gebrueder beetz filmproduktion), research and assistant cinematographer

2013   ‘To the friend who didn’t save my life’ / CH



2010-present – freelance artist, filmmaker, cinematographer, researcher and cultural events producer

2022  Seminar: Crying Institute, Bauhaus-University Weimar, with prof. Birte Kleine-Benne (DE)

2021  Workshop: Introduction to funeral stripping. Embodied skills of solidarity in grief, One Minute Space, Athens (GR)

2019  Workshop: Delegated mourning and storytellng, PAF (FR)

2019  Festival 4. Berliner Herbstsalon, Maxim Gorki Theatre, Berlin – translation

2018-19 ‘Across the Middle, Past the East. An Unsettled Cabaret’, Sophiensaele Berlin – makeup artist

2018  Festival Russian Spring: Contemporary Theatre From Russia, Berlin – assistant/translation

2016  Khodorkovsky’s New Freedom (BR/WDR – Saxonia Entertainment GmbH) – assistant film director, producer, cinematographer

2015  Digital Dissidents (WDR – gebrueder beetz filmproduktion) – research and assistant cinematographer

2015  Nordwind Festival, Berlin/Hamburg (DE) – translation

2013  Lenin in Vogelsang (Geschichtswerkstatt Europa) – assistant director

2012  7. Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art, Project by Yael Bartana First International Congress of the Jewish Renaissance Movement in Poland – volunteer

2007  International VGIK Festival, Moscow (RU) – curator of film and performance program ‘Cinephilia, Passion and Media’

2007  2. Moscow Biennale for Contemporary Art / Group exhibition ‘We Are Your Future’ (USA-RU) – assistant curator



2013-present - Volunteer work at Contact and Advice Center for Refugees and Migrants (KuB e.V.), Berlin



Upcoming:  Queer Death Studies Handbook (eds. Nina Lykke, Marietta Radomska, Tara Mehrabi), Routledge, 2023

2021     Caring to Keep One’s Impressions Alive, Research Catalogue / Society for Artistic Research

2017     “Hab keine Angst. Und benutze deine Haare”. Interview on Lettretage, 2017.

2014     Critical Wounds (Self-injury as a Protest and Performance of Femininity In Mourning Practices and Its Appropriation In the Performance and Video Art) – Institute for Art in Context, Berlin (DE)

2012     Positions V: Contemporary Artists From Russia. – Gerhard Steidl Verlag, Göttingen. 2012

2011     Haus Lemke, zum Abschied; and Der Einzeller (Absalon in den KW). In: Mise-en-scène – wie Ausstellungen aussehen, Universität der Künste Berlin, 2010.

2010     Directors’ Portraits of Boris Blank, Victor Eisymont, Vladimir Fokin. In: The Encyclopedia of  The Russian Film Directors, Russian Film Institute, Moscow, 2010.

2009     Towards the Distinction Between Avant-garde Film And Video Art: Derek Jarman‘s ‘I-Film’, Contemporary Video Art And Ritual Sensibility –  VGIK, Moscow, 2009.

2008     The Sound of a Cameo (Sound, Image and Persona in Derek Jarman’s Films and Music Videos). In: Mirrors and Labyrinths: A Polylogue. Collection of Theoretical Articles, GITR, Moscow, 2008.

2008     Vertov, Dziga: From the Heritage. Volume 2: Articles and Speeches. – Eisenstein Center for Film Research, Moscow. 2008

2007     Schlegel, Hans-Joachim: Sound Worlds of the Inside: On Andrey Tarkovsky’s Concept of Sound. In: Cinematic Proceedings, Moscow, № 82. 2007


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